Important Announcements

Shipping Timeframe

We often have folks email or message us on facebook, asking when their order will ship or what our turnaround time is. Here is our NORMAL schedule... if it will vary from this, we will note in advance before the drop. If an emergency occurs, we will send out an email and post to our Facebook page. ALSO-- If you notice that you haven't received a notification on shipping and should have already, check your email to see if there was an error with your order (such as our inventory being incorrect, and an item being out of stock and us emailing to ask what we can replace it with). If you never received a confirmation email, make sure we have your email on your account AND PREFERABLY, a phone number. We will never spam you, but it makes it easier to get in touch with you, in a timely manner, if we have questions about your order. AND, as always, if you see no communication from us, check your spam folder. 



if you order SUNDAY-SATURDAY, it will ship the NEXT Monday-Wednesday. 


Example: if you shop 10/4-10/10, your order will ship 10/12-10/14. If you shop 10/11-10/17, your order 10/19-10/21. So, we usually say we're a week out, but that's a little incorrect, since we only ship 3 days a week (for the safety of the plants).


Thanks for taking the time to read!


Love always,

Raeann Payne, Owner